Harness The Power Of Oxygen To Heal Your Body

A Simple And Non-Invasive Treatment That Expedites Recovery

What's HBOT?

HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) involves breathing in oxygen pressurized by up to 3 times higher than normal oxygen pressure.

THE GOAL OF HBOT is to increase oxygen levels in the blood and all other tissues of the patient’s body so it can trigger the generation of molecules and other compounds that promote healing and assist in treating various diseases.

The human body requires a certain amount of oxygen to function. Typically, oxygen in the air, which is about 21%, is sufficient for survival. However, more oxygen is helpful to the tissues when the body is injured or falls ill.

Breathing in oxygen at room air is not enough for the body to trigger a fast healing process and assist in treating diseases. Therefore, HBOT increases the percentage of oxygen through a hyperbaric chamber to 99% to ensure that more blood cells and tissues are exposed to oxygen and its beneficial effects.

How Does HBOT Work?

There are two types of HBOT:

If you sit in an enclosed chamber built for one person that looks like an MRI machine, that is the monoplace chamber HBOT. On the other hand, if the procedure is carried out in a room that can fit multiple people at a time, that is the multiplace chamber HBOT. The only difference is that patients in the latter type breathe pure oxygen through a mask.

Still, both types of HBOT have similar mechanisms, which target the blood vessels and other damaged tissues by utilizing high-pressure oxygen. These include:

Private Pay HBOT Services

Many insurance companies cover HBOT for various conditions. However, not every case is the same. That is why HBOT tends to be a private pay-for-service procedure. Check your insurance plan before treatment to find out if HBOT is covered.

Some popular private pay-for-service HBOT procedures include:

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Hbot Is Widely Used To Assist In Treating Various Diseases

HBOT Benefits

Surgery Recovery | Athletes | General Wellness | Head Trauma

HBOT is used to treat several medical conditions, including:

HBOT Safety

HBOT is generally a safe procedure with very few side effects. However, this treatment does have some risks if not implemented as recommended. These risks include:

However, serious side effects due to HBOT appear to be extremely rare. Currently, there has not been enough evidence showing that HBOT directly affects the patient’s overall health in the long term or causes irreversible side effects.

A Safe Procedure With Very Few Side Effects

Why Choose HBOT By Peak Human?

HBOT is a new treatment, so you need an on-site physician who can offer you consultation whenever you need it. Peak Human allows immediate access to our hyperbaric physician throughout your protocol.

We encourage all patients to keep an open line of communication with our medical care staff about any questions throughout their stay at our facility. We accompany you to make sure you get the most out of HBOT.

Find Out if You Qualify for HBOT

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No, HBOT is not a treatment that can work alone to treat diseases. Its primary role is to assist a broader treatment plan as an adjuvant procedure that accelerates the healing process. Do not use HBOT as a replacement for medical treatment.

No, HBOT is not for everyone. For example, people who recently had ear surgery, a cold or fever, or lung problems should not use HBOT.

You will receive instructions from your healthcare provider before an HBOT procedure. A gown will be provided for you to wear during the treatment. Items that generate heat, such as battery-powered devices, are not allowed. Petroleum-based hair and skin care products may also need to be removed because they pose a fire risk.

During an HBOT procedure, the air pressure you breathe is about 3 times higher than usual. As a result, your ears will experience a temporary feeling of fullness due to this. You might experience something like this while flying or at a high altitude. After an HBOT procedure, your healthcare provider will check if you get any side effects by looking into your ears and eyes and measuring your blood pressure. Once the checking is complete, you can leave immediately.

The healing rate varies between 85% and 95% in patients who follow their physician’s advised course of treatment.

HBOT lasts about two hours in most conditions. Your healthcare provider will keep an eye on you the whole time to ensure that there will be no problem as the procedure proceeds.

HBOT requires multiple sessions to be effective, depending on your condition. For example, three visits may be necessary for some situations, such as carbon monoxide poisoning. Others, such as wounds that do not heal, may need more than that.

Depending on a few factors, such as the number of sessions and the location of services, the cost of an HBOT treatment often ranges from $250 to $600.